Our heart is to help revitalise, restore and grow God’s

Church in Europe.


This short term mission brings delegates from around the world and the UK together for a two part conference-

 Part 1- Evangelism Training Camp (25-28 June)

Part 2- Outreach, Mission, serving at local churches (29 June - 5 July).


This year Arise is looking for 20 host churches from across the UK to host an Arise team of between 7-9 trained, passionate and excited missionaries. These teams will:

1. Serve your church program and work with your church’s values in reaching out to your community. Team members will have specific gifts (sports, youth etc) which can be used.


2. Give you an opportunity to kick start a new outreach program in your community that church members can join in with and continue into the future!

Along with Arise teams we have also brought in two international Christian performers who host churches will be able to use over the mission week.

Rev Rae-Chung Lim, a balloon and bubble artist

Andrew Y Kim, a talented cellist and music director


Members from your own church will also have the opportunity to be trained in practical evangelism methods and discipleship, alongside delegates from around the world.

We encourage you to send 3-5 of your church members to this short term mission. They will receive training by great Evangelistic practitioners during the first week and then go to another church in the second week as part of an Arise team.

Our prayer is that your team will come back to you trained and passionate to carry on the work the Arise team has started! 

Expectations for hosting a team:

-You will provide your team of 7-9 with beds and full board from the 29 June-

5 July.

-Teams will have one full rest/fun day in the week, and one rest period during each day (morning, afternoon or evening).

-You will provide us with a list/schedule of outreach/serving that your team will be doing over the week (we can help you organize this).

-You will provide all transport while teams are with you

-You treat  your team as you would expect your church members  to be treated

-You try the techniques your team has learned over the training week.

To find out more, want to host an Arise team and or send some of your church members to Arise , please contact us for further discussion.

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