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In Britain today, there is an urgent need to mobilise more evangelistic labourers to sow the seed of the gospel and to gather in the spiritual harvest.

Arise is an exciting 11-day evangelism campaign, hosted annually by Amnos Ministries since 2015. The first part of the event comprises of evangelistic training at Amnos Church Planting School’s training camp, followed by practical outreach in small groups of 9-10 supporting the outreach of the hosting churches in many different areas of England and Wales.

The outreach is designed to support the evangelistic initiatives of hosting churches by doing active evangelism together with their church members. In so doing we are able to distribute many gospel tracts, Christian books and Bibles, and also to share the gospel with many people face to face.

Pray that many people would join the next Arise programme. Please contact us for more information or to invite a team to your church.

Arise to Sow the Seed of the Gospel; Get Involved in the Spiritual Harvest!

Hosting Church

Are you a church in the UK looking for a highly motivated and trained mission team to come and help reach your community for Christ? Well, Arise is for you!

We are looking for churches across the country to host Arise teams. This is a great way to launch a new season of evangelism in your community, or take the existing outreach in your church to a new level.

Arise had a great impact on our church. The team were fantastic and gave so much energy to sharing Christ to our community. As a result of Arise, the church has started to take mission seriously and has made it a key priority for this year.
The openness of people was greatly influenced by the diversity of the nationalities of the delegates
A stretching & life-changing experience, giving me an understanding of the UK's need for evangelism.
We enjoyed great door-to-door evangelism and the special events were wonderful.
Both the church and our community has been impacted by the team – a wonderful experience!
Arise was an amazing and truly humbling experience!
A great training and the team were wonderful; willing, full of faith & daring.
The Arise campaign has revolutionised my view of my ministry as a pastor, and as a Christian
Great learning, great practice, great people, great GOD!
My desire to evangelise was re-kindled again through Arise
It was ground-breaking and an answer to the prayers of our church members
The best and most influential evangelism event!
This event fulfilled our expectations by encouraging the church to be Christ to the community.

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Speakers & Trainers

During the course of the training conference, you will hear and learn from inspiring speakers, who will teach you the theology behind evangelism. You will also learn practical methods of sharing the gospel, in groups and one-to-one, for use on the street, in parks, at door steps or when handing out gospel tracts and Christian literature.

You will have time in the week to practice what you have learned while bonding with your team. You will leave the training conference feeling confident and eager to get to your host church and start sharing the gospel with the community.

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