Arise 2024 is already taking shape and we have hosting churches in the North, South and West of England and in London already signed up to host teams. Some teams from the States and Korea are also confirmed.

The dates are June 24th – July 3rd.

Arise is an exciting evangelism campaign held annually since 2015, providing inspiration, training and mobilising people to work together to share the Gospel with communities across the UK. Outreach teams are sent from churches around the world to come and work alongside local churches in the UK. They will work alongside members of those churches to sow the seed of the gospel, trusting that the word of God we sow would never return empty!

HOW: Arise teams, alongside members of the local church, engage in prayer walking, door-to-door evangelism and street evangelism. This often takes the form of a survey that is tailored to your local area and church and will produce a list of contacts for the church to follow up. The survey and prayer walking works best where an Arise team member is partnered with a local church member. Some hosting churches have also run evangelistic events that the teams have helped run. These events include Grill a Christian (ask any question), music performances, children’s shows.

WHERE: The teams stay with members of the local churches and are provided food either by their hosts or by others in the church during their stay. This year we will be having two days orientation and training at High Leigh Conference Centre (Hertfordshire) before launching into outreach programmes with various churches around the UK. During the orientation there will be some input from various trainers and speakers and also an opportunity to worship, pray and prepare together as teams. The orientation is from 11am 24th July-11am 26th July.

Once the teams have been with hosting churches for a week, they will travel to Gold Hill Baptist Church for a celebration on the 3rd July.

WHEN: typically the teams meet first thing each morning for prayer and a Quiet Time together. They then go out on the Streets for about two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. Some churches also take the team out in the evenings whilst others have opted for evenings of inspiration, prayer and sharing stories.

COST: We ask for a donation of £300 per delegate. Once teams have arrived at the orientation, travel, accommodation and food are all provided for. Individuals are responsible for arranging their own transport to the orientation.

If you are a Church Leader interested in hosting or sending a team please contact Stephen via




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