Welcome to Arise

We are so excited to host the Arise evangelism campaign every year, and can’t wait to see who God calls to share the gospel in this nation.

The churches in the UK and Europe were once the main missionary force for the world but in recent years it has become a huge mission field. We are passionate about turning around the decline of British churches and seeing revival in this nation. This year we want to recruit between 80-100 people to support hosting churches across the UK to set up, support and run evangelistic campaigns.

Our prayer is that when the delegates leave after Arise, the hosting churches will carry on this outreach work. We also pray when the delegates return home, they will continue doing evangelism in their home churches.

We believe God wants to revitalise, restore and grow His church in the UK and Europe and Arise is one of the ways we believe God is using to do that. Here is the summary stats of 2023

Will you be part of this great mission by joining this campaign or by hosting an Arise team at your church?

Arise 2024 will take place on June 24th-3rd July

(Orientation taking place in High Leigh Conference Centre, Hertfordshire 24th-26th July)

Do go to the booking page for more information and booking your place.